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Sigels Addison logo Sigel’s was established in 1905 by founder Harry Sigel who set forth the standards that are still being followed today. Superior selection and competitive pricing combined with exemplary service are the hallmarks by which our business has been run for 100 years and will continue to be run for the next century.

Sigel's vast selection focuses on hand-crafted, high quality products in all categories. Our buyers take special pains to acquire unique products and the best in the world are available in our stores.

Single Malt Scotches:Carried in our inventory are well over 225 single malt scotches. Among these, one can find single cask brands, as well.

Super Premium Bourbons:In this category, Sigel's carries many single barrel bourbons, some of which are unfiltered and a comprehensive grouping of small batch bourbons.

Rare Wines:Available at Sigel's are such difficult-to-obtain properties as those from Annabella, Brewer-Clifton, August Briggs, Cafaro,  Centerline, Drew Family, Fantesca, Groom, Robert Kacher Selections, Lail, Lewis Cellars, Loring, Margerum, Melville, Miner Family, Neyers, Patz & Hall, Pavi, Priest Ranch, Selene, Steele, Shooting Star, Tor Kenward, Happy Canyon, Samsara, Selosse, Alvaro Palacios, Bussola, D’Oliveira, Pieri, Barbeito, Mascarello, Perrone, Pingus, Finca Dofi, L’Ermita, Writers Block and others. Counted in our wine selection is a magnificent collection of champagnes, both imported and domestic.

Cognacs:Among the many cognacs to be found in our stores, we highly recommend Pierre Ferrand. One hundred per cent hand-made and hand-crafted, this cognac is composed of entirely of grapes grown in the Grand Champagne district. The extremely rare 1962, 1965 and 1968 vintage Cognacs from Ferrand have just arrived. Also available, are the finer qualities from the houses of Hennessy, Martell, Courvoisier, Remy Martin and others.

Other Imported Brandies:Rare Armagnacs, Calvados, especially Daron; and Slivovitz. Also, brandies from Mexico, Greece and Germany. Imported from Italy is a large variety of hand-made grappas.

Imported Vodkas:From a wide range of countries, including Poland, Austria, Russia, England, Israel and the Scandinavian Peninsula.

Rums:Herein are the light-bodied brands from Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands and Venezuela; medium-bodied brands from Guyana, Barbados and Trinidad and lastly, a selection of full-bodied rums from Jamaica and Martinique.

Ports:An in-depth selection of Dow's and other vintage Ports and Madeiras are to be found in our stores.

Imported and Micro-beers:From virtually every corner of the globe, Sigel's has Dallas' largest offering, many of which are available in kegs.

Imported Liqueurs:From old world and new world formulae, from the exotic to the 'chic', we have a depth of selection to meet every taste.

Tequila:Ranging from Reposados, to Añejo to 100% Blue Agave, we have a wide variety of tequila and include in this section of our stores, a choice of Mescals.

Cigars:Aficionados will find a discriminating choice of humidor-stored cigars from Jamaica, the Dominican Republic, Honduras, Mexico, the Canary Islands and other prime tobacco growing regions including the United States.