Herman Marshall Bourbon

Herman Marshall Bourbon


Herman Marshall a little whiskey distiller nestled in a forlorn Garland industrial patch, has gotten off to a great start with its brand new Herman Marshall Texas Bourbon Whiskey. The spirit earned a silver medal earlier this year in the straight bourbon category at the prestigious, blind-tasted American Distilling Institute 7th Annual Judging of Artisan American Spirits. Co-founders Marshall Louis and Herman Beckley have great satisfaction in the fact that theirs is a Texas product "from the corn up," meaning they're sourcing the primary grain in their mash bill from the Texas panhandle.

The smooth, small-batch whiskey has just debuted in North Texas. Its silkiness was evident at a recent tasting, where the whiskey exuded wonderful nuances of oak, spice, caramel and vanilla, with a long, mellow finish – so refreshing over ice.

Co-founders Marshall Louis and Herman Beckley are fond of saying that theirs is a Texas product “from the corn up,” which means they’re sourcing the primary grain in their spirit from the Texas panhandle.  Most distilleries do not. The only other grain in the HM mix is barley.

“We’re a modern brand made in a classic style,” says Beckley, noting that the distillery uses handmade cypress fermentation tanks. “Maker’s Mark uses 100-plus-year-old cypress tanks,” adds Louis. HM whiskey ages in American oak.

The boutique distillery also makes Texas Rye Whiskey, which has a lighter, more floral character. (The team doesn’t source its rye locally because Texas’ climate is a non-starter for the grain.)

Louis’ background includes winemaking in South Africa and Beckley was a passionate hobbyist before the two teamed up. “We met at Starbucks about 12 years ago, and we started making whiskey,” says Beckley, “and we did it to the point that we needed to become a business. Several years ago, we started Dallas Distilleries and out of that, the Herman Marshall brand. It was a long process and a long journey.”

Texas Rye Whiskey - $54.99
Texas Whiskey - $44.99


 Employees Only Bloody Mary Mix

Employees Only Bloody Mary Mix

 "Employees Only Bar" - New York City, NY 
World's Best Cocktail Bar 2011 - Tales of the Cocktail
World's Best Drink Selection 2011 - Tales of the Cocktail

When this swank New York cocktail lounge 'Employees Only' first opened, they served brunch. Eventually they stopped catering to the breakfast crowd, but the demand for their Bloody Mary continued...  When it comes to the Bloody Mary, no one makes it bigger, bolder and better than the Bartender.

Rich and spicy, EO Bloody Mary is a unique blend of Tomato Juice, Horseradish, Capers, Worcestershire and Hot Pepper sauce perfectly matched with Vodka, tantalizing with Tequila and super with Sake.
A Bloody Mary made from scratch with fresh ingredients can be one of late summer's best treats, but while we all wait for tomato season to arrive, you can stir up some excitement with a bloody good Bloody Mary.   $9.99

Aylesbury Duck Vodka


AYLESBURY DUCK VODKA is made from a soft winter wheat sourced directly from local farmers in the Western Rockies of Canada (near Calgary).  Aylesbury duck is continuously distilled in three separate copper plated column stills that were built in the 1940's.
In still 1 (The Beer Still) we distill to 65% ABV. This then moves on to Stills 2 & 3, the rectifying stills, where it is distilled to the proof of 96.5% ABV.
Light bodied with a silky mouth feel, Aylesbury Duck Vodka is perfect for mixing, with subtle notes of grain, mineral and spice.
4 Stars / "Highly Recommended" - F. Paul Pacult's Spirits Journal
The 86 Company is comprised of notable industry experts Simon Ford, Jason Kosmos, Dushan Zaric, Malte Barnekow and Kris Roth. Created for mixing, their high quality spirits were formulated in partnership with highly respected artisanal distillers, as well as recognized cocktail professionals. The distinctive bottle design was developed with the career bartender in mind and features an ergonomic shape that allows for easy handling and pouring.


From the newly formed 86 Company, who makes spirits specifically for bartenders, Cana Brava Rum is a recreation of an old style of rum, and is right now one of a kind on the market. After searching the U.S. for a distillery that could make the perfect mixing rum, Simon Ford (long time Pernod-Ricard brand ambassador and industry guru) and his partners decided to go to the source. They sought out legendary rum producer Don Pancho Fernandez in Panama. Don Pancho was the Cuban minister of rum for decades and is generally credited for creating the internationally acclaimed Havana Club 7 Year Añejo. Of course, Don Pancho already makes incredible aged rums at his distillery (Zafra 21-year anyone?), but Simon wanted something different. After months of painstaking work, experimentation and retooling, they achieved the perfect recipe: a recreation of the original Carte Blanca style rum that Bacardi built its name on. For one of the finest ways to celebrate the holidays, try it in a classic Daiquiri!
$28.99/1 liter
 Fords Gin
Simon Ford was the brand ambassador for Plymouth Gin in New York and this is his offering from his own 86 Co Noise and Spirits distillery in London. Collaborating with master distiller Charles Maxwell, Ford has created a classic English, juniper forward gin but with nine botanicals adding a lot of citrus zest. The infusion consists of Romanian coriander, Spanish lemon peel, bitter orange peel from Haiti, grapefruit peel from turkey, angelica from Poland, cassia from Indonesia, Chinese jasmine and Orris from Italy and Morocco. It is aromatic, fresh and floral and works well with classic gin cocktails.
5 Stars / "Highly Recommended" - F. Paul Pacult's Spirits Journal




 Cabeza Tequila




Tequila Cabeza is made from 100% estate owned agave that is grown in the Los Altos region in Arandas. The agave are grown by the Vivanco family, who have been cultivating agaves on their 800-heactare mountainside land for five generations, and handpicked by the Jimadors at seven to nine years of age when the agave has a sugar content of 23-28%. It is grown without pesticides, on land that has been used for the cultivation of agave for over 100 years.

On the nose there is a bouquet of highland agave that captures both the earthiness and the honey of the agave whilst adding complex layers of green vegetables and a nice dose of minerality. More of the green vegetables, earthiness and some green pepper enter softly on the palate at the start before you are hit with a robust and earthy agave bomb on the mid-palate that comes with a dash of light citrus on the sides of the palate. It is medium to fullbodied with a velvety mouth feel and finishes with a light bitter citrus, more cooked agave flavors and black pepper. This Tequila is all about earthy cooked & raw agave flavors.

$34.99 Liter