Fresh Market


Sigel's Deli
Sigel's your home for 'Fine Wines and Great Spirits' also features Sigel's Gourmet Market, located in our Addison store at 15003 Inwood Road. (Open from 10:00 AM to 9:00 PM - closed Sundays.)
One enters the Sigel's Gourmet Market through the doors of our wine and spirits store and is almost immediately in full view of the 'gourmet market' and delicatessen. Although located within the liquor store, the Sigel's Gourmet Market has its 'own space'.

Beyond the lovely columns which separate the market from the balance of the store, you will find Sigel's own Irish Cheesemonger - Theresa Magee

Magee works behind a large cooler filled with a bouquet of cheeses. Handwritten signs stand like flags above all the wrapped wedges and wheels declaring their countries of origin and best qualities. It's along the lines of the opening ceremonies at the Olympics.

Over 150 cheeses, among which are:

    • St. Andre, one of the triple cream cheeses.
    • Caciottona de Capra in Fieno.
    • Neal's Yard Farm House cheese - hand-made.
    • Parmigiano-Reggiano.  Parmesans are aged three to five years.  Most stores sell Parmesan aged only two years
    • Lastly, our buyers inform us that, if Sigel's Gourmet Market doesn't have your particular cheese, "we'll get any cheese, if its possible to get".
  • Fresh bread baked daily from Ecce Panis.  They feature hand crafted, stone baked gourmet artisan breads.  We especially like the following:
    • Ecce Panis Baquettes
    • Ecce Panis Semolina Batard
    • Ecce Panis Sourdough Bread
  • Godiva Chocolates.
  • Sun dried tomatoes.
  • Pastas, available in unusual designs. Our pastas are stone ground, thus allowing them to be more sauce absorptive.
  • Prosciutto di San Daniele DOK. Possibly the finest Prosciutto in Italy.  It is made from special hogs bred by DOK Dall'Ava.
  • Biellese Salami, both Genoa and Sopressata.
  • Lovera Italian Sausage: custom-made to the specifications of Sigel's Gourmet Market and fresh dated. Included here are: mild, hot and fennel.
  • Irish-style Bacon and sausages

To this partial listing, you will find in our delicatessen:

  • Rotisserie Herbed Chicken.
  • Rotisserie Honey Mustard Duck.
  • Bar-B-Cued Pork Ribs - special order available
  • Magee's world famous Duck Pot Pies both large and small

Magee's Duck Pot Pie

  • Magee also makes gourmet sandwiches on-the-spot, all made with premium meats like San Pietro prosciutto, Ponto Panino ham and Molinari & Sons salame. She uses fresh bread that is baked in the kitchen in the back of the store and piles each sandwich with half a pound of meat.
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