Jim Fleming



Contact:     jfleming@sigels.com     214/635-3162

"My interest in wine came from having been a chef in Buffalo, New York in the late 70s. While working in that field, I needed to buy wines that would go well with items on our menu. I decided to take a couple of classes that Cornell University was offering on food and wine for industry professionals. That was my first real exposure to higher quality wines, and I found myself drawn more to the wine aspect of my job, than the food. In 1979 I formed a wine tasting club, along with members in the food service industry, it became my ‘hobby’.  I married and moved to Dallas in 1980 looking for new opportunities, which was with a local wine and spirits retailer; I am now 34 years into that career. Fifteen of those years have been spent as a wine director here at Sigel’s. Over the years I have taught and lectured at area schools, worked in the distribution of wines, and traveled to wine areas of the world, but what I really enjoy, is working with our friends and neighbors here at Sigel’s Elite." Jim Fleming