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The Women who rule Napa - Robin Lail & Mia Klein!

Merlot Lives - Kind Words about Selene & Neyers from Chuck Furuya MW


"There are 2 Merlots from the Napa Valley which deserve more recognition.  They are both interesting, more vineyard driven, superbly crafted & surprisingly reasonably priced, given today’s price of quality Napa Valley grown Cabernets." Chuck Furuya MW


Catching Up with Jacques Lardiere of Louis Jadot

Monday I had a chance to catch up with one of the world's finest winemakers, Jacques Lardiere. Semi-retired from his responsibilities at Louis Jadot, Jacques is now riding herd on Jadot's new project in Oregon. Resonance, in the Yamhill-Carlton appellation,  is the first project outside of France for Jadot since their inception in 1859 and their first vineyard purchase since 1826!  This unique, ungrafted, 19 acre  vineyard was planted between 1981 and 2006 and is biodynamically farmed. 2013 is the initial release for the project and the results are very impressive. Showing marvelously ripe fruit and excellent minerality, the wine is very much made in the Jadot style - with firm acidity lending a classic structure to the wine. The wine is now on our shelves and will be poured at our Benchmark Pinot Noir Tasting on March 28th at the Park City Club. Look for invitaions with more details early next week.

Bruce Neyers' Heirloom Wines

Bruce Neyers was in town for a series of tastings a couple of weeks ago. Bruce has been in the business a while now and his work history is unique in that he has been deeply involved with wines from both Napa and France. In Napa, first with a long career with Joseph Phelps and then his own Neyers Vineyards. In France, with Kermit Lynch, the legendary Berkeley importer of some of the finest French and other European producers. I've been tasting once or three times a year with Bruce for some fifteen years now and more than ever he emphasizes the influence the great French winemakers he visits several times a year has on his California wines.   On his most recent visit we paired Bruce's wines with wines from the Kermit Lynch portfolio. There were several standouts. What they all had in common was the old age of the source vineyards and the heirloom purity of the vines themselves.   For his California wines, Bruce pays particular attention to the source of the vines. He demands t ...

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Scotch Pronunciation Guide

Meeting the Boys from Bedrock

New release from Bedrock

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