General Info


Single Malt Scotches:Carried in our inventory are well over 225 single malt scotches. Among these, one can find single cask brands, as well.

Super Premium Bourbons:In this category, Sigel's carries many single barrel bourbons, some of which are unfiltered and a comprehensive grouping of small batch bourbons.

Rare Wines:Available at Sigel's are such difficult-to-obtain properties as those from Brewer-Clifton, August Briggs, Cafaro,  Centerline, Drew Family, Fantesca, Groom, Lail, Lewis Cellars, Loring, Margerum, Melville, Miner Family, Neyers, Patz & Hall, Pavi, Priest Ranch, Selene, Steele, Shooting Star, Tor Kenward, Happy Canyon, Samsara, Writers Block and others. Counted in our wine selection is a magnificent collection of champagnes, both imported and domestic. 

Other Imported Brandies:Rare Armagnacs, Calvados, especially Daron; and Slivovitz. Also, brandies from Mexico, Greece and Germany. Imported from Italy is a large variety of hand-made grappas.

Imported Vodkas:From a wide range of countries, including Poland, Austria, Russia, England, Israel and the Scandinavian Peninsula.

Rums:Herein are the light-bodied brands from Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands and Venezuela; medium-bodied brands from Guyana, Barbados and Trinidad and lastly, a selection of full-bodied rums from Jamaica and Martinique.

Ports:An in-depth selection of Dow's and other vintage Ports and Madeiras are to be found in our stores.

Imported and Micro-beers:From virtually every corner of the globe, Sigel's has Dallas' largest offering, many of which are available in kegs.

Imported Liqueurs:From old world and new world formulae, from the exotic to the 'chic', we have a depth of selection to meet every taste.

Tequila:Ranging from Reposados, to Añejo to 100% Blue Agave, we have a wide variety of tequila and include in this section of our stores, a choice of Mescals.

Cigars:Aficionados will find a discriminating choice of humidor-stored cigars from Jamaica, the Dominican Republic, Honduras, Mexico, the Canary Islands and other prime tobacco growing regions including the United States.