Ninety Plus Cellars Beaujolais Lot 158 2017

Vineyards & Winemaking: This flirtatiously fruity French beauty is made from the Gamay grape grown in the northern part of the Beaujolais region, which is rare for a wine at this price. Most everyday priced Beaujolais wines comes from the south. The vines grow in the traditional freestanding bush or gobelet style near the villages La Chapelle de Guinchay and Romaneche - Thorins which lie just to the east of the Crus Fleurie and Chénas. The soil is a free-draining mixture of decomposed granite, clay and sand. Grapes are picked by hand and vinified in the tradition of carbonic maceration which helps to extract fruit rather than tannin, producing bright, lively wines best consumed fresh and while youthful. 

Taste:  Pour a glass and you’ll taste a smoothly textured red wine with flavors of fresh strawberries, blueberries and hints of wildflowers. Beaujolais is a vivacious red that’s food friendly and pairs well with everything from beef stew to butternut squash linguine with crispy sage. Beaujolais is often referred to by the French as a “Vin de Soif” or a “Wine of Thirst”.  The English might refer to it as a “quaffer”. Whatever you call it, a good Beaujolais should be satisfyingly refreshing and made to be consumed “Sur le Pouce” or “on the go” – often with a leisurely meal of omelets, cheese or charcuterie.


USD $11.99



Lot 158


Ninety Plus Cellars



  • Gamay