Abbatucci Cuvee Collection Blanc Diplomate d’Empire-Il Calvalière-Don Jacques-Pascal Abbatucci 2012

The Domaine Comte Abbatucci Collection wines all come from a single parcel planted by Antoine Abbatucci in the early 1960's. At the time, Abbatucci was president of the Chamber of Agriculture in Corsica, and noticed that the subsistence farming lifestyle of the mountain villages was rapidly disappearing as the villagers left the countryside for the coastal towns. Several villages farmed old vines of indigenous varietals that were left abandoned as the population left. To save these varietals from extinction, Abbatucci took cuttings of each threatened vineyard he came across and planted the cuttings on his estate near Ajaccio, in a single plot of granite soil. By 1962, eighteen different varieties had been planted. More recently, Jean-Charles has begun propagating the vines using séléction massale on his own estate, as well as supplying cuttings to other vignerons all over Corsica. He blends these native grapes from the original plot planted in the 1960’s together into four different cuvées, each one named after an ancestor (except for the barbarossa which is named for the grape varietal). All four cuvées have exceptionally low yields to produce a mere 1,500 bottles.

 There is a piquant, pungent prominence of citrus rind here – notably lime and pink grapefruit – along with wafting aromas of myriad scrubby, resinous herbs that continue inner-mouth; and these features offer fascinating counterpart to underlying flavors of almond and coconut milk featured on a lush, subtly oily mid-palate. This lingers bittersweetly and piquantly.

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Diplomate d’Empire-Il Calvalière-Don Jacques-Pascal Abbatucci